Pay It Forward: Stretching Donations

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CARBON CLIFF, Illinois - There are people in every community finding ways to give back.  One lady helps year round and also plans ahead in order to stretch donations even further.

Cherie Donnely says her friend Deanna Carmack is always looking for ways to make a difference.  Donnely nominated Carmack for the "Pay It Forward" program.

Donnely says "you just keep on giving ok.  We love you.  You do a great job and the community appreciates it."

In fact, she says Carmack is always looking for ways to help others in need.

"The first time I ever went with her, she went to the women's shelter and was giving bags and bags of stuff over to them.  She does it all the time all year long, it's not just during the holidays,"  says Donnely.

"She likes to do the after Christmas sales to get more for her money,"  Donnely points out.

That money will buy presents to hand out next Christmas.

"I usually try to buy small items that are on sale; bath stuff, toys for kids.  We do the gifts when we hand out Christmas baskets to the community," says Carmack.

Food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas are just part of her giving ways.

"I don't do this because I have to, I don't do it because I need to - well, I do need to - because there are people in need who do need things.  I just do what I can.  I wish everyone would just to help people who need help," says Carmack.

So she pushes on, searching for small gifts that will one day bring others a big smile.