IHOP Employees Say They Had No Notice About Closing

Natasha Bly knows the IHOP in Moline is closed, but sits and waits for her boss – the franchise owner – to call and tell her himself.

“This is what you get every time,” Bly says about the ringing as she tries to call him. “No response to let your employees know that they don’t have a job. We’re out of work and he can’t answer.”

Natasha and another employee, Ashley Riley, both say they had no notice that IHOP in Moline was closing.

Ashley says she received a phone call from the franchise owner on Wednesday, January 15th.

“I was off on Monday and Tuesday and I was supposed to work at 3pm on Wednesday and he called me and was like – ‘bad news’ – and I was like – ‘what do you mean, bad news?’ He was like – ‘uh, IHOP’s closed.'”

Meanwhile, Natasha says she found out through another employee on Wednesday, but on Thursday, January 16th she still waited to hear from her boss.

“I sat there and I waited, because it was my scheduled day off. I’m supposed to be there Thursday at 9:00 in the morning. I thought – maybe I’ll hear a phone call. Nothing… Nothing.”

Customers found out on Thursday when they saw a sign posted in the restaurant’s front door stating they were closed.

Then, after a request from WQAD, IHOP released this statement:

“The franchisee for this location has decided to close the Restaurant effective January 14th at 10 PM.  Our franchisee informs us that best efforts were made to contact all team members on Friday and over the weekend to inform them of this decision.” -Craig Hoffman, Company Spokesperson.

However, Ashley and Natasha do not agree.

“Out of the 15-20 people that he has, he called two,” says Ashley.

Both are mothers of three and say they’re frustrated.

“I’m going to be broke,” says Ashley. “I’m going to have to try to find a job. I’ve got bills due in two weeks. By the time I find a job and get another paycheck, it’s going to be about a month and I’m going to be behind, because I didn’t get a notice.”

“Nobody gave me no warning,” says Natasha. “How do you save in an economy like this? I just got in my own house for me and my children, just started to get on my feet, and it’s gone. No warning.”

Natasha and Ashley say they’re supposed to get paid on Wednesday, January 22nd. They also say some people have been offered jobs at the Davenport IHOP, but they both have not.


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