Corrections worker accused of hacking ex-boyfriend

Posted on: 12:01 pm, January 15, 2014, by , updated on: 08:20am, January 16, 2014

Juliet Mullery photo from East Moline Police

Juliet Mullery photo from East Moline Police

A Davenport woman faces criminal charges after she was accused of using her work computer to access her ex-boyfriend’s email account without his permission.

A spokesman for East Moline Police said Juliet Mullery, 32, was charged with two felony counts of official misconduct plus one misdemeanor count of computer tampering.

Mullery is accused of using her work computer to get into her ex-boyfriend’s Gmail account between October and November 2013.  She is also accused of deleting data from that account without the ex-boyfriend’s permission, and of accessing his computer without his permission.

“Mullery is an employee at the Illinois Department of Corrections-East Moline Correctional Center,” the spokesman said.

“She has been removed from her duties and placed on paid administrative leave,” said Illinois Department of Corrections spokesman Tom Shaer.  “If and when she is indicted, she will immediately be put on unpaid leave pending judicial verdict.”

Police said Mullery was arrested by the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department and later released on bond.


  • Yagotta B. Kidding says:

    Well her future as a corrections office is shot…guess she’ll have to start stripping!!

  • TIM says:

    Throw the book at her!!

  • teresa says:

    Ex boyfriend! Move on…..was it worth it? He is ex boyfriend for a reason. I know sometimes break up is not by yourchoice but you dont need to be with someon who dont want to be with you.e

  • Camper says:


  • Brian Hand says:

    she can hack my email any time she likes!!!! :)

  • EL Dude says:

    I’d like to volunteer to be her next future ex boyfriend. Why she would risk her career when there is a whole world full of eligible people to date. I hope that she keeps her job. Obviously she was upset over a break up.

  • This is what is categorized as “hacking”? Really? She probably knew or guessed his password, dark side hacker extraordinaire..

    She should be punished, but this is NOT hacking.

  • eddie eccles says:

    As an also ex boyfriend of hers I know this is not the first time she has abused government computers to sneak on
    Us, she did it to me. Serves her right! ‘

  • kathy bowen says:

    As a former employee of EMCC I personally was aware of continual abuse of state computers, use of time, etc. etc. etc. by this employee. I’m personally grateful that she will no longer be drain on the use of my taxes!!!

    • Say what? says:

      Innocent until proven guilty. I’m sure you never misused time – took a little longer break, answered a personal call… I’m happy to hear there are still a few perfect people out there to judge the rest of us.

  • ex girlfriend tiffany says:

    well she will do well at the ladies big house

  • deez nuts says:

    You mean there is corruption within our law enforcement? No way!! ……….don’t act surprised people, this shit happens everyday. She must have been on all the other pig’s shit list to have actually been brought up on charges.

  • Former EMCC says:

    to Kathy Bowen……. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones……as a former co-worker as well…., You have NO room to talk about use of time, and a waste of tax money…..

  • Former state employee says:

    Kathy Bowen, you are the pot calling the kettle black. I’m pretty certain you were found guilty years ago of using your state access to hack into the wardens files at another prison, right? Also, if you want to discuss waste of tax dollars then perhaps we should add up all of the time you spent on smoke breaks while on the job, or coming to work drunk. You are the perfect example of a worthless state employee and have been since you were here years ago. Now go spend your retirement money on a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of cheap liquor and move on with your life.

    • Wow.. That was harsh.. I do hope that all you have said is true otherwise you have opened yourself up to litigation..

      Not taking a position on your post just commenting on the legal issues of your post..

  • Darrell says:

    I bet the idiot didn’t change his password. Also read that she had a restraining order on someone – assuming it was him – back in October. Maybe she was protecting herself.

  • Darrell says:

    Also just read that that guy has battery convictions. Hmmm

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