Anti-Bullying Effort Comes to the Quad Cities

The group "Mojo Up" held an anti-bullying effort in the Quad Cities Wednesday, January 15th, 2014.

The group focuses on how bullying can affect high school students. Tuesday, the group presented its material to students at Bettendorf High School. On Monday, another group called Messages Which are Hopeful, came to Assumption High School.

Bullying is such a hot topic that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad even mentioned it during his Condition of the State Address Tuesday. He wants a notification system put in for Iowa schools. It would make schools alert parents, if their son or daughter is being bullied.

"Sadly, for some children in Iowa, the bully they face makes every day feel more like a nightmare," Governor Branstad said.

Governor Branstad also wants schools to respond to bullying off of school property. Wednesday's seminar was at United Township High School.


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