Lego artist shares vision of Iowa, Illinois

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A Canadian photographer’s sideline business is selling pictures of Lego dioramas he created to represent each of the 50 United States.

“Every summer I look after my daughter for half the day and we do all kinds of projects, including making dioramas of her toys and photographing them in a little studio set-up,” Jeff Friesen wrote on his website. “It’s always hard work to get nice pictures, even of toys, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

Friesen’s then taken snapshots of each and transformed them into 8 x 10 in. prints which he sells online for $22 apiece.

Friesen leans on Illinois’ rich mob and prohibition history to represent the Land of Lincoln, the caption reading, “Bugsy’s mom is thrilled that he’s running his own lemonade stand this summer. He hasn’t rubbed out any of his associates since June.”


As for Iowa, Friesen looks to– no surprise– the corn, with the caption, “Every summer you seen them emerging bright yellow from their green jackets: the children of the corn.”


To view all of his creations, head to his website.