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Laying out the concealed carry law in Illinois

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Months before registered gun owners will be able to carry concealed weapons in Illinois, restrictions are already being put in place for where they'll be allowed.

On Monday, January 13, 2014, a former police officer was accused of shooting and killing a man during an argument at a movie theater in Florida. The accused shooter was legally carrying his semi-automatic hand gun.

A right some people in Illinois could have, under the state's concealed carry law. We talked to Sheriff Jeff Boyd from Rock Island County about the law.

He said any private business can decided whether or not if they want firearms on their property. On the Iowa side, business owners have the same right, at Rave Cinema guns are banned.

The law also bans weapons inside schools, parks, and government buildings.

"Ignorance is no excuse, so it's your job to know, if you don't know, take the time to try to find out," said Sheriff Boyd.

One big difference between the states, is in Iowa guns are allowed inside bars as long as the person isn't intoxicated. However, in Illinois the law is stricter.

"You're banned from carrying if you carry it in an establishment that 50 percent, I believe of the gross of the sales or more involves alcohol," said Boyd.

Police say it's a balance of protecting gun rights, while trying to prevent violence, like what happened in Florida.

In Illinois those who do choose to ban firearms from their property must have proper signage posted, anyone caught not obeying that could face misdemeanor offenses.


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