Beyond the Green Screen: Taking Baby Steps out of Winter

Cassie Heiter Weather Blog

The days are noticeably getting longer. It’s so encouraging to see the sun beginning to set as I’m driving home from work other than before I head out the door.

The extra daylight that we add everyday will eventually have a positive impact on our temperatures. Naturally, the longer the sun is out, the longer temperatures will keep warm. By no means is at warm out there this week but seeing the sunlight helps to boost energy, keep moods positive and makes it feel less cold.

I will really appreciate the extra daylight when it is finally able to melt the ice from parking lots and my driveway. I probably look very silly and three times my age as I’m walking to and from my car. I’m all about baby steps. Falling on ice can be dangerous and I’ve already fallen once this winter. Luckily I was able to laugh it off (and so was my friend watching) and go about my day but I could still feel it for a couple weeks!

I may be investing in a pair of yaktrax soon.

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