Autopsy report says Quad City teacher ran out of gas, then died of hypothermia

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A Quad City teacher who froze to death in November along Interstate 88 near Dixon had run out of gas.

That according to an autopsy report obtained by WQAD-TV from the Lee County Coroner’s office.

Catlin lived in Bettendorf and was a longtime teacher in Moline.

The 65-year-old’s body was found along the interstate by highway workers, 12 hours after two motorists called police to report a man in distress lying alongside the road waving his arms.

Police have never said why Catlin was discovered about a mile away from his car. The autopsy report states he “apparently ran out of gas.”

The report stated Catlin had several health issues related to diabetes and alcoholism, and weighed only about 110 pounds, but died due to “hypothermia.”  The interval between the onset and death listed as “minutes to hours.”  His blood alcohol level is listed at over the legal limit at 0.105%.

Illinois State Police have not responded to inquiries about their response to the two 911 calls, and exactly how the case was handled that chilly November night.

Two  motorists called 911 within 16 minutes of each other to report a man in distress by the side of the road, waving his arms near an overpass. The callers gave mile markers and similar directions and were told state police were on the way.

The autopsy also says there was evidence of “multiple abrasions” on the face, abdomen, back and upper and lower extremities, which are not explained in the report.

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