Attorneys argue over plans for Big Island levee

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Rock Island is not alone going forward with plans to try and build a road and a massive retail development across from Jumer’s Casino.

A judge ruled Tuesday, January 14, 2014, that because their interests are at stake, the Village of Milan, Big Island River Conservancy District, Blackhawk Township and the township road district, and four Big Island residents will all be able to argue their case in any future court hearings.

The biggest concern is over the levee on Big Island and the most heated debate was when attorneys were arguing about whether Milan and Big Island River Conservancy District would be able to intervene.

The attorney for Milan and the Big Island River Conservancy District argued the two should be allowed to intervene in any decisions made about the levee because they are in control of the flood protection project.

“We want to see that levee maintained properly, we feel we are the best ones to do that,” said Duane Dawson, Mayor of the Village of Milan.

Counsel for the City of Rock Island argued neither should be allowed to be involved this early. The City says they own the land and that the City would have notified those who might be impacted down the road.

The next court hearing is scheduled for April 30, 2014.


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