Henderson residents still without water

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Many have been without water since Wednesday, January 8.  Those who have water in Henderson, Illinois say the problem still isn't fixed.

The community had plenty of questions about their ongoing water problems. The biggest was simply when will it get back to normal.

You could find many residents of the Village of Henderson, Illinois at the Henderson Methodist church on Monday night.

"It's very frustrating, its a race when the water comes on," said resident Shannon Sebben.

All were there for the same reason, wanting answers. Since Wednesday, January 8, 2014, residents have been under a boil order after frozen pipes caused a leaked.

"I do believe believe the Village of Henderson does need some help with its water system," said Mayor, Rob McEwan.

A meeting Monday, January 13, was held to give an update on the process. Elected officials, the Knox County Health Department and MSI, a mechanical contracting company in Galesburg, all were there to answer questions.

"We never know if we're going to have water, (or) if we're not," said resident Lisa Alderson.

When residents do have water, they say it's black and has an odor.

"It's not fit to bathe in or do laundry or wash our dishes. I mean you can't wash your hands," said resident Susie Edwards.

However, community members say someone is to blame, voicing their list of frustrations including the belief that they are not being informed throughout the process.

"I feel like the elected officials did not keep us in the loop to know what exactly was happening," said Edwards.

To the village residents, not having a back up plan means water problems will only happen again.

"I definitely believe it's gonna happen again. I have lived here since I was two years old, you know, we have always had water problems since I can remember," said Sebben.

The hope is to fix the pipe on Tuesday, January 14.  If repairs cannot be made then, the village will have to call another company for help and it was unclear when that company would be able to respond.

Henderson remains under a boil order until then. The American Red Cross has donated bottle water for the village.