Chicago group discusses difficult topics with Quad City teens

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The Chicago-based group, MWAH! (Messages Which Are Hopeful), visited the Quad Cities Monday, January 13th. They discussed difficult topics including: bullying, suicide, racial diversity, divorce, and abusive relationships.

More than 600 students from six schools packed inside the Assumption High School auditorium for the event. The group’s mission: to make an impact on the life of teenagers, just like it changed MWAH! member Rob Delgado’s life.

“This group helped me learn how to deal with my problems that were going on back at home,” said Delgado.

And the group discusses problems that many kids may be having at home, not holding back anything.

“We are going to hit the kids with what they are going to hear,” Delgado said. “We are not going to hold back because this is real and we want to make it as real as possible.”

Their performance is real, uncomfortably real at times.

Skits show members calling each other expletive names, and verbally abusing one another. Other skits involve a parent emotionally abusing their child. Something Delgado says is unfortunately the reality for some households.

“It’s words that you hear,” Delgado said.

But towards the end of the emotional performance, things began to lighten up. The group sang and incorporated students in the crowd. In just minutes, seriousness turned into fun.

And Delgado gives this advice to those who may be facing a tough situation.

“It always gets better. It really does. Hang in there because the dark moments don’t last forever.”

If you would like more information about MWAH!, visit their website by clicking here.