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Subway riders go a day without pants

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For one day a group of Chicagoans rode the subway missing one essential item, their pants.

According to a report by WGN, Sunday, January 12, 2014 was No Pants Subway Ride Day, meaning riders probably saw a lot of bare legs on the train.

The event is an annual occurrence that reportedly began more than one decade ago in New York.

According to a Facebook page created for the event over 300 people said they were participating.

WGN reported that Chicago’s No Pants organizers recommended participants wear undergarments that were not offensive.

“We are trying to get a smile and a laugh, NOT offend,” stated the Facebook page. “Please make sure your underwear is not too revealing!”

According to a report by L.A. Times, a theater group called Improv Everywhere created the event 13 years ago, and it has spread to 60 cities worldwide.