Henderson, Illinois community battling water problems

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The residents of Henderson, Illinois have been living with little to no water since Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

Locals rallied together Saturday, January 12th to exclaim their frustrations.

"The whole town is out of water," said Heather Smith, a resident of Henderson.

On Wednesday MSI (A mechanical contracting company located in Galesburg) repaired a water leak in Henderson. Letters posted at the town’s Post Office stated that the leak was repaired and the water pump was turned back on; however, that repair broke Thursday, January 9th.

Saturday, residents did have water in their homes for most of the day. But late Saturday evening, News 8 received reports that several homes were again not receiving water.

“People have been trying to contact people and it’s just excuse after excuse,” said Smith.

Others like Shannon Sebben told News 8 that the lack of communication from the town is the most frustrating.

“An Informational meeting would be great right now. We are just left in the dark,” Sebben said.

That seemed to be the common belief among the group who gathered together Sunday.

News 8 did speak with Henderson town clerk Betty Rickets.

“This is not a water quality issue, this is a weather issue,” Rickets said.

For now, water will be available to residents from 6-9 a.m. and 6-9 p.m. Rickets asks for people to conserve the water until the town gets the issue fixed.


  • Shannon sebben

    With all that being said, we have been mislead again. We were promised water from 6pm-9pm tonight, and frustrations have grown with the amount of deception. Our whole village was without water again tonight during the designated times. How is that right?

  • Holly Cannon

    I lived in Henderson in the 70’s & the water smelled like rotten eggs & sometimes was black even back then. There must be a serious problem.

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