Homeowner blames water company for busted pipes

A Quad City homeowner has placed blame on a local water company for busted pipes in his house.

Steve Long’s Davenport home is coated with ice, something he says could have been prevented if American Water in Davenport would have done their job.

Long moved out of his home in July of 2013. Due to financial reasons, he decided to try and sell his house at 2506 East Street. He says he turned off the water main in the house and drained the water pipes. He then called American Water to have his curb valve shut off.

“They told me that it had been shut off at the curb in the summer,” Long said.

But Long found out Wednesday – just one day after the subzero temperatures – that water was still running to his home.

“I walked in and I heard water running which didn’t make any sense to me because I had the water shut off since the summer,” he said.

He paced the ice smothered floors. The kitchen, bathroom, and basement all covered in ice. His walls glitter with ice flakes.

Long – in a panic — called American Water and was told that the incident would be reported. He was supposed to get a response within 72 hours. Four days later – while being interviewed by News 8 – he received a call from American Water.

The call stated that a claim had been made with the insurance company and they would be getting in contact with him.

Long did say that a technician did come out to turn off the curb valve on January 9th. The technician told Long that the valve was broken and that it was his responsibility to get it fixed and the water was now his responsibility.

Now, Long just wants someone to own up to their mistake.

“The water company delivered a product I didn’t ask for nor did I pay for. And they didn’t give me any indication that they had no capability of shutting the valve off. Now it’s effectively damaged my house,” Long said.

News 8 reached out to American Water but they were unable to give any information. News 8 plans on following up with American Water.


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