Bachelor farmer leaves millions to a dozen Iowa churches

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In his will, an Iowa farmer left millions of dollars in cash and property behind to benefit more than a dozen Iowa churches.

KNOD reported that the farmer, Edwin “Bud” Skalla from Shelby County died in November 2013 at age 92. The bachelor farmer was never married and had no children, but is survived by two sisters. He is remembered as being quiet and frugal.

Having gained most of his assets from investments, Skalla’s estate is worth more than $2 million in cash resources and more than 1,100 acres of land spread throughout two Iowa counties. The conservator of Skalla’s estate, Ray Chipman estimated that 98-percent of Skalla’s estate will be given to the benefitting churches.

According to the report, one church, St. Mary Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Portsmouth was set to receive a 292-acre farm worth roughly $3 million. In a letter written by Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines, Pates stated the Catholic community was “enormously grateful” for Skalla’s “extraordinarily generous remembrance of the parishes in his will.”

Seven churches in Harrison County and six churches in Shelby County were listed as beneficiaries.