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Augie wrestlers improve facility to match high performance level

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Augustana’s wrestling team is working toward a national title and with their recent success they need the facilities to match.

Head coach Eric Juergens said the team has had a good season but they have a long way to go.

“If I just look at where we came in it’s been really neat to see how far we’ve come,” Juergens said. “Having the goals I have, we’re nowhere near where we want to be but it’s a step in the right direction at least.”

Juergens said an improved facility will in turn improve the team.

“It’s a big cycle of success,” Juergens said. An expanded and improved facility not only shows the public that Augie wrestling is a serious program, but it could attract incoming athletes by impressing them and their parents when they come through for a tour.

The athletes say the improvements to the facility are much needed.

Sophomore Isaiah Schaub said athletes were running into each other during practice and to accommodate for the small amount of space they had to adjust practice times because not everyone could fit.

“Once we get finished up it’ll be a division one caliber room,” said junior Thomas Reyhons.

Augie’s wrestling team is rated 29th in the country and have a 10-3 dual meet record.