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Water Main Break Freezes Another Car to the Ground

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15 Rock Island homes were without water Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 due to a water main break.

It happened at the corner of 31st Street and 20th Avenue around 1 a.m. Crews were still working on the break Wednesday around 8 a.m. The break caused about four to six inches of water to spill out into the intersection.

20th Avenue was closed during the break, but snow plows and smaller cars tried weaving in and out of the standing water to get through the intersection. Tuesday, a woman's car got stuck to the ice in Davenport after a break, and Wednesday, that happened again.

"I used a shovel and a metal device to chop it up," Rock Island driver Brittney Felgar said of the ice. "These nice guys helped me get out of the ice. I was frozen...stuck."

Felgar was referring to three Rock Island workers who helped her get out. The street is back open. There's also no word on whether the water is back on in the neighborhood.


  • jake

    It actually broke around ten. And instead of just shutting the water off it was apparently more convenient to keep everyone up with a plow going up and down the road all night blocking in everyone’s driveways with a foot and a half of ice. Good job guys!

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