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Snow Puts Holes in Brady Street Bubble

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December snow poked holes through the St. Ambrose Dome or the Brady Street Bubble in Davenport on North Brady Street.

The dome is now closed because of the damage. It has caused a rough transition for some of the spring sports athletes who use the facility during the winter. There are also torn seams in the facility. Staff say the dome has been crucial to their recruiting, over the past two years.

"We've gotten kids in from the west coast or the southern climate," Athletic Facilities Director Tony Huntley said. "They ask, 'how do you do it in the winter?' well we have a dome that's not 80 degrees, but you're inside as opposed to a gym or being outside in the cold."

It should take two to three weeks for crews to repair the dome. The spring sports teams are using the Lohman Arena until then to practice.