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Dangerous Davenport hill could finally see changes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A call for change in one Davenport neighborhood four months ago hasn’t been fully answered by the City. In September, neighbors near May Lane and South Fairmount Street in Davenport gathered with Mayor Bill Gluba and Davenport Public Works Director Michael Clarke to address a dangerous hill.

The hill has been the site of many accidents over the years. Cars have hit other cars and even houses.

“You wouldn't think sitting in your room, a car is gonna come through,” said Robin Stock.

Some solutions were made at the neighborhood meeting.

“Let's put a flashing light, sign that says dangerous curve ahead,” said Clarke.

It was said those solutions would be completed in a few months.

By the end of those few months, at the end of November, the only change was a sign saying how steep the hill is. But what about the other suggested changes?

“The last time we checked with our traffic section, we had ordered the parts and they haven't arrived yet,” said Clarke at a November 26, 2013 Davenport City Council meeting.

Clarke said he was hoping to have a dangerous curve sign, a flashing light, and two speed signs up in a couple weeks.

“Once we make a promise, we keep it,” he said.

Six weeks after saying that, a flashing light is the only other change.

“I feel like somebody dropped the ball and just refuses to pick it back up,” said Stock.

When trying to figure out when the ball might be picked up Wednesday night, it was hard to find an answer.

“The alderman wants to get it done, city, public works. It'll get done,” said Mayor Gluba.

By Thursday, January 9, 2014, Public Works Director Michael Clarke says two speed limit signs and a dangerous hill sign will all be installed.

Clarke says the big hold up was getting the parts and installing the flashing light. He said that was installed Monday. Stock says the city has done a much better job plowing the hill this year.