Cities recruiting Ross’ Restaurant for new location

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The home of the Magic Mountain, Ross' Restaurant will eventually need to make way for a new 74 bridge and several cities, besides Bettendorf are trying to recruit them.

One by one businesses are getting torn down to make room for the I-74 bridge project and while some have already found a new location, other like Ross' Restaurant haven't moved yet.

Back on May 31, 2013, everything seemed set and stone as Ross' owner said they had found a location in Bettendorf.

"We will relocate in Bettendorf which we're thrilled about, we love the city," said Melissa

However, things could change, as several cities are offering room for their restaurant like LeClaire, Iowa.

"We're more than willing to do what we can to help them get out here because that's something we really need," said LeClaire's mayor, Robert Scannell.

Scannell says LeClaire is the perfect fit for the restaurant.

"They would pick up a lot of people that come in for the American pickers," said Scannell.

He says the restaurant would go along with LeClaire's theme of locally owned businesses.

'That's what makes Leclaire unique is our small businesses that are family owned."

Along with LeClaire, Davenport and Rock Island have talked briefly with Ross' owners about potential locations.

In LeClaire, Scannell has a piece of land in mind. Its located next to hotels, on top of  a hill that overlooks the river.

"You still get people off the bridge," said Scannell.

While its still early to tell where Ross' where decide to go, Mayor Scannell hopes more conversations will happen.

"I really believe that it would be a good spot for them and it definitely would be a good spot for us," said Scannell.

Construction for the project won't begin until 2017.