Towing companies strive in cold weather

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Quad City towing companies are working through the subzero temperatures to get vehicles back on the road.

But companies like H & H Towing in Bettendorf are struggling to keep up with the demand for their services.

"The last few days have been pure insanity," said Manager Stephanie Goettsch.

As you walked into H & H Towing on Tuesday, you’re greeted by the sounds of phones ringing the ears. The family business was started in 1949 by Stephanie’s grandfather. Working here has become a family tradition as her brother and mom also work for the company.

“Thank you for calling H & H Towing,” Stephanie said as she picked up the phone. Her mother works alongside her helping to answer the phones that don’t stop ringing.

"I feel like a 911 dispatcher because the phone has ringed so much and people are in such a panic."

The calls are directed from the desk to the truck. That’s where you will find tow truck driver David Maher.

“I call us the paramedics,” David said laughingly.

“We show up in our rig and we do about everything we can to help you out.”

David towed 17 cars Monday. Tuesday, he was on pace to match that number. But it’s not a hassle when you love your job.

“I’m a people person so I love helping people out. They (people) are either going to love you or hate you,” David said.

And as his truck lifts a gold Cadillac atop his truck, he smiles and prepares to take it away.

Pick them up, and drop them off, in a matter of minutes.

Stephanie gives this advice so you can stay on the road.

“Start your car at least once a day and let it run for a half-hour or so,” Stephanie said.

Doing this will keep your car going, when the temperatures are freezing.