Iowa science teacher loses nearly 40 pounds eating fast food

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John Cisna before and after his McDonalds-only diet

An Iowa science teacher says he lost 37 pounds in three months, eating only food from his local McDonald’s.

John Cisna teaches at Colo-Nesco schools in Colo, Iowa.  As part of a class project, three students in his biology class planned a diet for Cisna, made exclusively of food from McDonald’s.

He says the project was aimed at replicating the “Super-Size Me” documentary which demonstrated the effects of a fast-food diet on a fit and healthy person.

But, there was a twist.

“Instead of starting with somebody that is in shape, that is exercising, whose blood work is very good – we’re going to start from the other end of the spectrum,” Cisna said.  That’s how they decided he would be the subject of the experiment.

Cisna weighed 280 pounds when it started.  He began by walking a mile-and-a-half in 30 minutes.  That soon increased to more distance and more time, as he walked 45 minutes per day as he continued to eat only food available at McDonald’s.

The student-planned menu was aimed at providing him about 2,000 calories per day.  He mostly ate egg white delight McMuffins and oatmeal for breakfast, followed by salads for lunch and usually a Value Meal for dinner.

Cisna made a point to say, on his YouTube post, that his diet did include cheeseburgers.

On the 90th day, Cisna weighed in at 243 pounds.  That’s a total loss of 37 pounds.

In video posted online, Cisna says his cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and cholesterol/HDL ratio all decreased.  He says he lost 4.5 inches in his chest, 4 inches in his hips and 7 inches from his belly.

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John Cisna before and after his McDonalds-only diet

John Cisna before and after his McDonalds-only diet