What to do to keep your car safe

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Quad City Auto shops are reminding people what to do before they drive out in the frigid temperatures Monday, January 6th, 2014.

A low air temperature can cause your battery to freeze. That could keep you from starting your car, if you leave it out for a long period.

Workers at QC Auto deal with dead batteries often during the winter. Experts say you need to check your car batteries before you go out and drive. You also need to keep a pair of jumper cables in your car, along with a cell phone. Experts say you should keep your gas tank at least "half-way full" to avoid it from "freezing up."

"If you keep it above half a tank, it's going to keep the moisture on top of the fuel," service technician David Long said. "Water will flow to the top, and it won't freeze in your fuel pump."

Technicians also say you should consider using synthetic motor oil on a day like Monday. Conventional oil may thicken and cause your car to not start.