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Body of Aledo man found after he leaves stranded car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jeremy Young photo from PetersonWallinKnox website

Searchers found the body of an Aledo man hours after a passerby reported seeing him walking from his stranded vehicle east of Andover, Illinois.

Deputies were sent to the area of Route 81 and 900 E just before 9:30 p.m. Friday, January 3, 2014 to investigate a report that a man was seen walking west toward Andover after the man’s Chevy Tahoe became stranded.

When deputies arrived, they found the vehicle but could not find the man, later identified as 35-year-old Jeremy Young of Aledo.

The Knox County snowmobile team was called to help with the search.  They arrived at about midnight, and found Young’s body about two hours later in the creek bottom of Camp Creek, which is north of Route 81, about 1/3 mile east of the Osco Blacktop.

A statement from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department says they were handling Young’s death as an investigation into death caused by weather conditions.

An online obituary said Mr. Young attended Orion schools.  He leaves behind a wife, daughter and other local family.  A visitation was planned for Mr. Young from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 8 at Peterson Wallin Knox in Alpha and he will be buried the next day in Orion.


  • Michael Bergland

    so much for good people out there, the so-called passerby should have offered the man a ride on knowing the weather was dangerously cold and for their selfishness is now responsible for a man’s death

    • Ronnie

      How is the passerby responsible?

      The guy chose to leave his car and walk….that’s his fault for being stupid.

    • Lisa

      Your comment is ABSURD! Dangerously cold or not-I’m not going to pick up a stranger either! The passerby could have had a baby or small children in the car…You don’t know the situation. I’m sure they called authorities in the hopes that they would find him and help him. It’s tragic what happened to this man and I pray for his family but to blame the passerby is just ridiculous!

      • Lisa

        And kudos to the admin of this site for removing the unnecessary comments that were made. This is such a tragedy and my heart aches for the friends and family of this young man.

  • Donna

    yes, I have to agree.. in this harsh weather, I would have stopped at least to let him inside my vehicle and taken him to a nearby gas station or hospital – anywhere but leave him out in the cold wandering.. :(

  • Brian Hand

    some of you people are screw up in the head for blaming the person that passed the guy up ya think maybe he was out of range of hearing them yell for him maybe but no lets all think the bad things first no one is to blame for his passing he’s is the one that chose to leave his vehical it wasnt noo 1 else……

  • pam davis

    does it really mattered if they picked him up or not…………a man is dead……PERIOD!!! doesn’t do any good at all to argue what someone should or shouldn’t of done……….

  • mark schultz

    My thoughts go out to his family. In such tragedy no one can point fingers. The driver who happened to pass by did call the Authorties which is more than most would do.

  • michelle bellville

    Somebody should have asked him if he needed help.He could have waited in his car while they called someone.Hope Im never stranded and had you people drive by.Guess thats what you would do…drive right on by.I would have stopped!

  • Mommyof3

    There always has to be a debate… I’m sure the person who made the call thought they were doing the right thing… If this story would’ve been about a person who was murdered for picking up a stranded motorist THEN you would be saying “They’re stupid for picking them up”… I’m sure they are having regrets on their own… no need to make it any worse… And those who say he’s stupid for leaving the car you don’t know how long he was already there or how many other people had already passed him by… maybe he thought his only chance was to try to seek help himself! Please allow people to grieve without causing more problems with rumors… Thoughts and Prayers to the friends and family…

  • danielle

    Heartbroken,,I will forever hold our memories close,thank you to the man who called for help, The Knox County snowmobile team and everyone else involved..

  • jen

    The passerby called for help…he chose to walk away and we may or may not know why he chose to walk away from help…it is sad that in today’s world we feel we cannot do more sometimes …regardless a man lost his life, a wife lost her husband and a child her daddy as well as the family and friends he leaves behind. We have all heard the warnings to stay safe and not be out in these conditions. May he rest in peace

  • Jeremy

    It’s absurd to expect common decency from people? You see a fellow human in dire need of help and you drive on by but were the ones who are absurd??? a few years ago I got a flat on a fairly well used road not realizing my buddy had borrowed my tire iron and didnt have my phone with me. I tried and tried to flag someone down getting annoyed and irritated that everyone just kept drivin right by like I didn’t exist. After an hour and probably 14 cars someones grandmother who looked to be in her seventies pulled over behind my car, put on her hazards and opened her window a few inches to talk to me asking me if I was ok and if I needed help. Told her I was fine that I just couldnt change my tire because I didn’t have the tire iron and may I please use her phone. She handed me the phone through the window that was opened a few inches and my evening instantly got better. All those people that passed me by and its a GRANDMA in her seventies that stopped and offered help. That woman gave me hope that there is still a chance for humanity. Guess the law of the sea means nothing to you “decent” people.

  • Rhonda

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Kudos to the Henry county officers and all the volunteers who searched for hours to try to find this young man.

  • alycia

    I can’t believe nobody gave this man a ride.. I would have if I wasn’t alone. its way too cold to be stranded, even if he was in his car, it would have still been too cold.. Everyone needs to be safe during these cold, cold days/nights!

  • Tyra

    My mom went to school with Jeremy we knew him and this is very upsetting to his wife, daughter and friends. There is no reason to say it was his fault for leaving his car, you have know idea how long he was stranded there, nor how much gas he had. Also there is no reason to blame the man who called the police he was doing what he thought was right. We will all miss Jeremy may he rest in peace.


    My heart goes out to Jeremy’s family and friends…I grew up with him…he was my classmate…although time has passed..many changes have occurred in many of our lives…there is still a child hood bond….memories that keep us alive… I still see that short Lil kid with a great big smile and his bowel cut blonde hair.. Lol…I lost my mom when I was 21 and my step dad just years later… So my thoughts and prayers are with the family….keep strong and look to God…. Blessings to you all…

    And how rude of anyone to blame or talk down on anyone…when you are called home… There is nothing that any one of us can do…it happened and can not be changed…have some respect ….instead of wasting your time spreading negativity.. Be the better person and spread positive energy….it will find its way back to you one day….just like the negative energy you put out…. ..

  • Jones

    Why people cannot keep their rude remarks/opinions/thoughts to themselves when people are taken from their family and friends tragically is beyond me. Shame on those of you who have chosen this route. Prayers to this man’s family and friends.

  • Jaime

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but notice the sentence where it says a “passerby spotted him walking”. That makes me mad when that person reported it and didn’t give him a ride so somewhere warm, this tragic death could have been avoided. My heart goes out to his family, I’m so sorry for your loss.

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