Volunteers search for clues in Davenport woman’s disappearance

Volunteers braved harsh weather conditions to search for anything that might help them figure out what happened to Carrie Olson of Davenport, Iowa.

Olson’s father said she was last seen Saturday, December 28 when a surveillance camera captured video of her getting gas at a 7-Eleven at 38th Street and 18th Avenue in Rock Island.  He says the next day the camera again captured video of Carrie’s car being fueled at that gas station – this time, by a man described as a friend of Carrie’s.

Nearly a week later, the friend reportedly returned from an out-of-town trip with Olson’s car and purse but there was no other sign of her.

Local temperatures were in the single digits and teens as dozens of volunteers gathered Friday, January 3, 2014 to search for clues at Black Hawk State Historic Site and at Credit Island.  Volunteers were also handing out informational flyers about Carrie Olson.

Those leading Friday’s searches say there’s no particular reason why they’re searching those areas, except that they’re wooded areas.

“It’s my backyard so I’m very comfortable with the trails and I know them well so I’m just doing what I can to help,” says Jake Kauzlarich, who doesn’t know Carrie, but led the search at Black Hawk State Park because he says he lives nearby.

“It’s a pretty wooded area,” says the leader of the Credit Island search, Ashleigh Johnson, who also says she doesn’t know Carrie, but wanted to help. “There’s a [pedestrian] bridge over here where you can go over to South Concord.”

A post on the Facebook page dedicated to searching for Carrie Olson said volunteers already planned to search again Saturday, January 4 near Carrie’s home in Davenport.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety also posted information about Carrie Olson on their missing person clearinghouse online.

Carrie Olson is 29 years old, 5’8” tall and weighs about 190 to 200 pounds.  She has green eyes and sandy brown or brown-with-highlights hair.  She was last seen wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes sweatshirt.

Anyone with information about Carrie Olson should call 911 or the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation 1-800-346-5507.

Carrie Olson

Carrie Olson


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