Fat Biking keeps cyclists riding all winter long

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A little winter weather isn't keeping bicyclists inside, they've found a way to ride through ice and snow and more are starting to tag along for the ride.

Snow and ice have met its match. It's called a Fat Bike and if you've never seen one, trust me they're not hard to miss.

"It's kind of like driving a monster truck," said  Dan Adams, manager at Healthy Habits, a bike shop in Bettendorf.

The tire sizes range from four inches to five inches wide.

"The first response a lot of times if people haven't seen the bikes before, is that's like a motorcycle tire, that's like a car tire," said Adams.

The tires have better traction than a car.

"The tires add a lot of traction that you normally don't get from a normal mountain bike, which means you can go over any terrain," said, Jeremiah Johnson, who works at Bike One in Moline.

Fat Bikes have been around for awhile, but now local bike shops say more people are joining the ride.

"In the last three years they've gotten a lot more popular," said Adams.

Fat Bikes are perfect for any road condition and not to mention they're fun to ride too.

"It provides more smiles per miles I like to say," said Johnson.

Johnson says its taking bike riding to a whole other level, "I can go anywhere, do anything I want on it, the fat bike just doesn't care."

Although fun Fat Bikes do come at a cost, prices range from $1,600 to $2,500.