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Poll: Uninsured unhappy with Obamacare website

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — A majority of uninsured Americans who visited an Affordable Care Act exchange website in December say they had a negative experience, according to Gallup polling data released Thursday.

Fifty-nine percent of uninsured Americans who visited one of the websites last month said their experience was negative, compared to only 39% who said they had a positive experience.

The figures are based entirely on interviews conducted after the administration’s self-imposed November 30 deadline to fix the major problems that hindered the website immediately after its botched rollout.

“The fact that most uninsured Americans who have visited the exchanges report a negative experience is problematic, particularly given the Obama administration’s efforts to improve the federal sites,” Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones wrote.

“If uninsured Americans continue to have bad experiences with the exchanges, it could hinder the Obama administration’s goal to insure as many Americans as possible.”

The administration recently announced that roughly 2 million Americans have signed up for insurance using a federal or state exchange website. Most of those enrollments occurred in December, as the deadline neared for coverage starting January 1.

Gallup’s figures represent a slight improvement from October and November, when only 33% of uninsured Americans visiting one of the websites said they had a positive experience. At that time, 63% rated their experience negatively.

Gallup’s December results are based on telephone interviews with 454 uninsured adults who visited a health insurance exchange website. The sampling error is plus or minus six percentage points.

CNN’s Alan Silverleib contributed to this report