‘Little Couple’ mother starts chemo and says ‘prognosis is good’

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Jen Arnold cancer pic via Twitter

(HLNtv.com) — Fans of TLC’s “The Little Couple” were shocked when matriarch Jen Arnold announced she had been diagnosed with a rare cancer this month. Now, she is sharing some details about her disease and her treatment, and her outlook seems to be positive.

Arnold has choriocarcinoma, which affects parts of the reproductive system. She told People magazine the cancer began after she had a “nonviable pregnancy” this year and suffered symptoms while in India with her husband to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey. Arnold has since had a hysterectomy and is now in chemotherapy.

During the holiday season, Arnold has been tweeting lots of hopeful messages and updates about her condition. She even posted a picture from her inpatient chemo treatment — bald and in bed, but with bright eyes and a smile. She also shared that she had to cancel a pre-Christmas chemo treatment because of low blood counts, which gave her the opportunity to bake cookies and partake in other holiday festivities with her family.

The TLC star told The Huffington Post that despite the grueling treatments, she is lucky.

“I am very fortunate as the prognosis is good. While there is never a good time to get news like this, getting it just as we are building our new family is tough in many ways,” she said. “But being surrounded by the love of my husband and our two beautiful children is actually in many ways giving me the strength to fight it even stronger.”

Arnold is also a board-certified neonatologist and pediatrician, so her medical background has definitely played into her get-well strategy. Fans from around the globe have been sharing messages of support, along with pictures of children close to them who have experienced medical problems and been helped by doctors like Arnold.

Bill Klein, Arnold’s husband, has also taken his wife’s treatments with a bit of levity. “Did Jens injection … Jens scared ill pass out giving the injection,” he tweeted. “Funny, so am I.”

The “Little Couple” stars have previously experienced tragedy in the public eye: In 2011, a joyous pregnancy announcement ended in sadness when Arnold and Klein revealed their surrogate had miscarried their unborn child.

As Arnold’s cancer treatments progress, the cameras will continue to roll, the family says. And her battle with the disease will play out on their show. “Jen is a doctor and teacher, and she saw this as an opportunity to educate and possibly help, through sharing her story,” a TLC representative told People.

While the road before her may be difficult, it’s clear that Arnold has the support of her fans and family, and she’s not giving up anytime soon.

“Thank you to everyone for your well wishes at #GetWellJen!,” she tweeted at the beginning of December. “You all make me smile! To those out there battling cancer, Get Well!”


  • Juanita Mitchell

    Im happy for you that things are looking good when i heard this i was like wow no way i cryed but i said god is with you and he will get you threw this he has to for your new family and you cant leave i will miss you i watch your show all the time i never miss a episode Jen you and Bill are amazing couple i just love you guys,my mom died form servical cancer and we didnt know she had it the doctors said she had it for about 2 years we couldnt get her to go to the doctors untill 2 weeks before she died the cancer spreed all in her body and in the blood they said she was to far gone cemo wouldnt help so they said 2weeks to 6months she had left she lived only 2 weeks April 2,2012 she died i miss her everyday so im so happy you are doing good cant wait to see you on tv i miss you i will pray everyday for you and your family you take care.

  • Carole Viano

    Miracles do happen. Family history of Lynch Syndrome. I was diagnosed at age of 45 yrs old with 3 % chance of survival. 5FU was my chemo treatment after removal of large intestine, some removal of my stomach as well since it went into my stomach. After remission of 5 yrs my prayers were answered. I had already raised a family and all four children were out of the house. I felt I needed to make a difference so with support from my doctors and adult children I began a process to adopt a special needs child. Within 90 days of completion of home studies, background info completed, etc. and at the age of 50 yrs old, a beautiful newborn boy was my new son! Foster parents were two loving Catholic Nuns. On his 11 th day of life, I was his new Mother. The closed adoption was the birth Mothers request along with being only or youngest child, he is both! He has had excellent health after some eczema. Not one cavity! Beautiful white teeth. Not one visit to the hospital or broken bones. Birth parents 4’9″ and 4’11” my son is 5’10” and growing! Is now 18 yrs old, healthy and handsome. Earned his graduation credits early from high school and received his diploma with class in May. Began full time work as a machinist this past January ’13. Up for pay increase on one year anniversary and is taking classes on line to further his education. Enjoys company of older sisters (2) and brothers (2), the 12 grand children and the 3 great grand children. Began Cub Scouting and earned many awards in all ranks of Cub Scouts. Upon completion of Cub Scouts joined Boy Scouts and worked his way up to the rank of Life. Played guitar and trumpet instruments and has many years of kick boxing. Began working at age of 16 so he could earn enough money to buy his first vehicle. When he turned 17 he now owned two vehicles (jeeps). Sold the first one and does all the repairs on the second one (’92 Jeep Wrangler) most recently putting in new clutch. All by himself! Ipad parked next to him giving him instructions step by step. My Cancer is still in remission and blessed with a loving, caring and productive young adult son. Prayers, chemo and support of family and friends got me though all of this…..so miracles do happen and I feel they will happen for you as well. Journaling, rest, and meds will help you on this journey to wellness. God Bless, Carole PS: Tomorrow January 1st I will be 69 years old

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