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Thousands of Iowans told to re-apply for healthcare

Iowans who applied for federal health coverage have to re-apply.

According to a report by WHO, Iowa residents were told on Friday, December 27, 2013 that due to delays with their original applications, anyone who applied for federal health coverage needs to re-submit their application. Those who received a notice that they may qualify for Medicaid after applying are impacted.

The State of Iowa was reportedly sending notifications via email and mail to 16,000 residents affected. The notifications recommended that Iowans re-apply on their website or call 1-855-889-7985.

“We are working hard to ensure that Iowans who applied through will be enrolled in health coverage. We are encouraging Iowans who applied at the federal portal to reapply through our state website and call center,” said DHS Director Charles Palmer.

For additional information on healthcare options, visit the Iowa Department of Human Services’ website.


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