Team reaches beyond comfort zone on court and in community

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Bureau Valley High School’s varsity basketball team is a fairly young team, but they have high hopes that heading into their tournaments they will play at a higher level.

“We’re coming off of what I would characterize a rough showing this last week during finals week so we’ve still got a ways to improve,” Head Coach Jason Marquis. “I think our team’s prepared to go up there and perform at a high level.”

Team members have noticed that the younger players are starting to pick up their game, but noted that it’s a significant change being moved up to varsity.

“I think a lot of the kids have to jump up and play at the varsity level,” said junior Parker Neuhalfen. “It’s a big jump to go from Sophomore to Varsity.”

As a way to create camaraderie among the team, the players reached out to the community and sang Christmas carols for senior citizens.

Players said they liked being able to do something nice for someone else. Some also said it took them out of their comfort zone, which was a good experience.