Returns and deals finish the holiday shopping season

The holiday shopping season usually starts with Black Friday. In this year’s case, it was Black Thursday. There are some shoppers that wait last minute, Christmas Eve the shopping day of choice. And then there is return day.

“This is the first time I've returned anything for years,” said shopper Sharon Hall.

“A key was broken off and I didn't check it. Things happen,” she added about the laptop she purchased.

There are exchanging receipts and a quick check of what is still in stock. As people wait in line, there is a little leg shifting. At Best Buy in Moline, customers did not have to wait too long.

“We had very good luck, ya,” said Hall, “We kind of waited and waited, and we had leftovers for lunch and I cleaned up and well maybe they won't be too busy its 2:00 p.m. let’s go try.”

Not all the big bills were put away yet. Carts guided shoppers through the aisles to post Christmas deals.

Signing off this holiday shopping season by returning the unwanted, but not necessarily leaving empty handed.


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