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Lawmakers promote QC as site for facility bringing thousands of jobs

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An aerospace company is looking to build a manufacturing plant and Illinois and Iowa governors have been called upon to submit a bi-state proposal to convince them to land in the Quad Cities.

In a letter written by the Bi-State Regional Commission, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn have been asked to work together in pursuit of getting Boeing to build its manufacturing plant locally.

Click here to read the letter.

Boeing is reportedly soliciting proposals for a manufacturing plant for their 777X airliner, which would require 8,500 employees.

Area mayors on the commission reached out to the governors asking them to collaborate rather than compete.

“Our assets include two airports, rail, water and interstate transportation along with the economic development toolboxes of two states, two counties, and five cities,” the letter stated. “We strongly encourage you to join together in a bi-state effort, and offer any support necessary.”

Boeing started accepting bids earlier in 2013 and has started its selection process by eliminating potential locations, according to the Des Moines Register.