Teens sought after 15-year-old Galesburg shooting victim dies

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Police said they were searching for two teenagers in connection with the shooting death of another teen in Galesburg, Illinois.

Initial information indicated one person was injured during a shooting that was reported in the area of Holton Street and Monmouth Blvd. just before 9 p.m. Sunday, December 22, 2013.

Police later said the victim, 15-year-old Javon Butler of Galesburg, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family and friends tell us that Butler, a sophomore at Galesburg High School was a aspiring rapper and a played basketball.

"He was a very great basketball player. He was actually very very smart. They pretty much just stripped him from his dreams, his potential," said Labardae Ferguson, Butler's cousin.

Galesburg Police said Monday, December 23, that arrest warrants were issued for two Galesburg teens wanted in connection with Butler's death.

A warrant for Brandon James Kenney, 18, accused him of first-degree murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm.  Bond on that warrant was set at one-million dollars.

A warrant for Alex Robert Horton, 18, accused him of possession of a firearm by a felon.  Bond on that warrant was set at $250,000.

Kenney and Horton were not in custody as of Monday afternoon, December 23.  Anyone with information about them is asked to contact Galesburg Police at (309) 343-9151 or Galesburg Area Crime Stoppers at (309) 344-0044.

Family say Butler's life was cut too short and they're not sure if they will ever have their questions answered.

"Everybody liked him. He was only 15 years old. It's sad that I wont ever get to talk to my cousin again or see him again," said Ferguson.


  • HelpMeUnderstandWhy

    These are just kids… what happened in their lives to make them want to kill a 15 yr old?
    Alex Horton is only 18 yrs old and already a felon??
    Brandon James Kenney, 18 with a million dollar bond?
    They took a life and now their life is over… sickening. Where are the parents?
    My heart goes out to the family and friends of Javon Butler, I will pray keep you in my prayers.

    • Carmen Borden

      first my prayers to the family. 2nd these 2 boys are only 18 and their lives are over. they will look back at that moment they took the life of a kid and will definitely regret it. their loss of freedom will haunt them for a very long time. i can’t even begin to imagine living a life of being told when to eat, sleep, wake up, and who i have to share space with and a door slammed behind me, that i’m not allowed to open. maybe if these kids take 1 minute to think about what they will be trading their freedom for, they’ll make better choices. i gess they never watched “OZ.”

    • Alicia

      John, he was good on the court, yup he was definitely a thug! Jusy cus hes black maybe wearing a hat and hoodie doesnt make him a thug! Thats just how a lot of these younger guys dress! Get overyourself and stop trying to preach when you know nothing about what youre trying to preach about. Youre making yourself look stupid!

      My heart goes out to all of his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  • Sherry

    For all I remember of Javon, he was so full of life. He played baseball with my son when they were in Junior High. He always had a smile on his face. It breaks my heart for his family. No one deserves to lose a child especially at this time of year. Our prayers and love go out to you all.

  • Jess

    Al and John- you should both be ashamed of your crude comments! A child has lost his life, a family has lost their son, grandson and cousin. He surely didn’t shoot himself. How dare you say quit trying to figure it out or he looked like a thug! A child is gone forever! Our world is the way it is today because of selfish, closed mind, eye for an eye senseless people as yourselves. Next time a tragedy happens in your community do everyone around you a favor and keep your thoughtless notes to yourself.

  • john

    jess just saying people need to quit sugar coating it thugs live a certain way i looked at all 3 fb pages they all dress and wrote like they was thugs and in gangs thugs die young I did not say he deserved to die but dont post pictures when he was 12 no child deserves to die

  • john

    Alicia has nothing to do with the color of skin I said they all was thugs and the other 2 are not black so don’t use the race card being a thug has nothing to do with your color has to do with how you present yourself and on all 3 facebook accounts all 3 boys acted like thugs so grow up and don’t say oh someones picking on him cause hes black no I stated what his fb represents if you don’t want people to think of you as a thug don’t have pic of a tatoo you have or talk about and smoking weed or the other stuff he had it does say he was trying to turn his life around doesn’t mean all was good like I said no child needs to die and I will pray for all 3 boys’ families but dont act like its something its not people dont just go kill some random kid got to be more to the story and I went and looked up all the kids to see backgrounds on them and they all seem a little shady

  • fietta

    A life was taken…..POINT BLANK!!!!!! and for what? no matter whose life a bullet takes for whatever reason; shooting each other is never the resolution. kids of the new millennium need to learn to use their fists instead of guns if they feel violence is that necessary. save a life and learn to give or take an @ss whoopin. so sorry for the loss to the family of Javon.

  • Sirrobb

    Its a pure shame to read the comments of a sick person, its shows a person has issues within them self when they say in so many way’s anyone deserve to die, because they dress or act’s like something that our civilization has created, a Thug, or a Thugs mentality, it has to be the mind of a child to even say something like this for the whole world to read your stupidity, You, might as well have said that Trayvon Martin, deserved to die for the simply fact of wearing a hoodie, Because that hoodie, gave him the look of a Thug, or did it just keep the cool air off of him. You just stereotyped a human person, a Child, without even understanding what you let be seen, often we open our mouth’s without one single thought of what we have just said, Then we try to justify our wrong. People as Yourself should be very slow to speak, at least wait until your brain kicks Into gear. A Child has lost his life. No matter if he was Two years old in the picture Posted. A Child, has lost his life, I say this twice, So, that a person as slow as yourself can catch up too this conversation. And as far as someone saying and eye for and eye. If you open up a funnel of blood, You can never turn it off. Some people should just say nothing when addressing issues that are not within their reach or, over their heads. Again a CHILD, IS DEAD…..!!! Ladies, I applaud your effort to correct the wrong statements made by these Two, very wrong people. But please understand that no matter how hard you try, You just can’t fix Stupidly. My Prayer’s and Thoughts goes out to the family and the friend’s, My Condolences, as well as my sorrow. God Bless and Save the Soul of Javon Bulter, …. A CHILD IS DEAD.

  • Jan Nelson

    Well, at least this episode erases a couple more bad guys from the streets of Galesburg. This city used to be so fine and all-American, but over the past ten to fifteen years has become an extension of Chicago’s south side. This is largely due to the left-leaning liberals whom are far too tolerant and accommodating with regards to the thug element in our midst. Unless this was a case of mistaken identity, it is safe to assume that all of the actors in this scenario were involved in the criminal lifestyle.

  • Barbara

    He made his point to allways have manners. He would speak to me when ever he would see me. Inside or outside of building where i live. Manners goes a long way. He left a good impression. My Heart Goes Out To Family

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