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Photo appears to show charity donation for sale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Toys for Tots toy attempt to resell - edited

A photo circulating online appears to show an item donated to Toys for Tots posted online for sale.

The image shared with News 8 shows a photo of a toy that retailed for $69.99, with “T4T” – the acronym for Toys for Tots – written over the UPC code on the box.

The post that accompanied the photo said, “$40 new in box.”

A spokesperson for the Quad Cities Toys for Tots program confirmed he received numerous calls about the photo, and that Toys for Tots made contact with the woman who posted the image.

The spokesman said the woman did not appear to think there was anything inappropriate about selling the item.

The woman said she returned the toy to the charity, and the spokesman for Toys for Tots confirmed the item was returned and that the situation was resolved.

Tells us what you think in our poll below – is it ok to re-sell an item you own, even if you received it from a charity?


  • Amber

    people are just so greedy anymore and all they want is money!.. You sign up for toys for tots you take what you get and be happy about it. why do something so degrading. Maybe next year don’t sign up if you dont like what you get! That item could have gone to someone who really needed it.

    • Santa

      Yeah, maybe we should have a national database to register everyone who is receiving assistance so we can all ridicule them!

  • Roger

    Somebody went out and spent $69.99 for a toy to give to a child they don’t know…and the mother wants to sell it? Wow! Not only is that just plain rude, it’s depriving the child of what she wanted, and not to mention the reaction (if applicable) of the generous person who bought this and now seeing it for sale? If this person doesn’t donate to T4T anymore of this, I would not be surprised! Shame on the person selling this…. Is Christmas so commercialized that people forget what the true meaning is?


  • Laura Hager

    what is really wrong with people nowadays when you receive something to help your family and now you want to sell it and make a profit shame on you we need to get our heads on straight and be thankful we have citizens that are willing to donate to help each other.

  • rayman

    Hmmm…it’s really sad that the spirit of giving has to be expressed through the purchase of cheap plastic wares made in China probably under abhorrent labor conditions (by children maybe) that will go into landfills causing future health and environmental issues for all children. That is what is truly sad, I think.
    I applaud all those fighting to make sure everyone is warm and well fed. You are all truly heros to take example from.

    • Santa

      You sir seem to understand the spirit of the season. Thank you for being the voice of reason among so many angry people. Cheers!

  • Charlie

    Don’t get me wrong, I use to donate until SA threw it back in my face. I had just shut down my TV/ Radio repair business because of a new financial opportunity. I took a truck load of working TV’s, radios and stereo’s to one of their stores. When I returned the day with what wouldn’t fit in the truck the day before, I found all of the TV’s outside with their picture tubes broken and the cabinets kicked or hammered. When I asked why, the reply was that they were only wanting newer ‘COLORED’ televisions and that the ‘black and white’ sets a I had given them didn’t meet their standards. They also said that they had discarded some of the radio’s because they weren’t made after 1975. Well kiss my A**. Salvation Army, Goodwill and a few other noteworthy charities have gotten greedy. Asking almost new prices on donated items. For a few dollars more, you can buy brand new at WalMart and the like. Nope. Twenty years ago after the Salvation Army screwed me, I said go somewhere else for your money.

  • Sherri

    This is why I only give to my church. I know where these items go and that they are appreciated. AND the item is being advertised on a smartphone. No money to buy your kids toys at Christmas, but you can afford a smartphone every month! Sad, just sad!

    • Santa

      The image was sent to WQAD via smartphone. That does not mean it was posted using a smartphone. And who are you to decide who among us “deserves” a smartphone and who does not?

    • Miau

      How do you get to judge the value of a smartphone to someone? If it’s the only phone on your phone bill and it is also how you get internet (emailing, resource acquisition, and job-searching can both be achieved through internet), it is hardly a stretch to see where it might be something people prioritize into a budget.

  • Santa

    Maybe the mother needed food, shoes or medicine for her child instead of a toy? Maybe she wanted something besides a “hispanic” character for her Caucasian child? Maybe she wanted books instead of cheap China-made junk for her child?

  • sara

    Maybe everyone should stop judging so harshly. You dont know the situation. Good or bad is it our place to judge? Some said maybe she needed something that was more important, food or maybe was selling it to get a different item or yes maybe booze or drugs. Who knows? There is only one important judge and for sure it is none of us. I have come to learn on these post sites that most are only here to complain and rag on others , so I’ll join in for once. I still love all of you God wanna bes…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Keep smiling.

  • Barbara Bush

    Being Christmas and the Holiday Season, I would love to give this woman the benefit of the doubt. Believing that maybe she was selling an expensive gift to be able to get mutiple less expensive gifts for her other children? Or maybe just a smaller gift and cash for food? We don’t know the 100% truth behind this persons motive. But. In reality it was probably shady situation. A bad person taking something from another in need to buy drugs or something! Its a sad ending either way.

  • Kait meeker

    How sad! I sincerely hope the generous person who purchased this nice gift does not see this article. I find it stunning that the woman who said she felt degraded for having to ask for help, has no trouble degrading an entire ethnic group by saying she didn’t want her Caucasian child playing with a Hispanic doll! It would be no surprise if donations to toys for tots is way down next year now that we know “cheap china made junk” will be sold for gifts with a darker skin color will be rejected. If the giver sees this know that God blesses you thought and this persons bigoted views are not shared!

    • Miau

      I missed where it said that was why she returned the toy.

      Personally, I’d like to hope that she was selling the toy because she knew of other things she could buy for her child that her child would enjoy more. Not that it makes it better, but it would make it sting a lot less than to think the woman just did it for the money.

      • sara

        No matter what happend it doesn’t take away the fact that whom ever donated that toy did a great deed. Technology let us in on what went on after it was placed to a child. I bet this is not the first time items have been sold or exchanged in these organizations, we just dont find out.

  • Mommyof3

    I agree it happens more than we realize nevertheless doesn’t make it any easier to stomach… what a selfish act… and people are trying to make up excuses for her? She was getting money to buy a different toy? Do you seriously believe that? And on the assumption that she was… at what point do you teach your child to be that ungrateful to basically say “That’s not what I wanted” and then condone their actions? Or that she was selling it for food? Theirs programs for that… Paying her power bill? Programs for that… Paying her rent? Programs for that… There’s also things called jobs… and it’s not like this season is a random occasion… it comes at the same time every year… My opinion… if you are not using the program for it’s intention… then basically you’re stealing

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