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I-74 expansion forces Bettendorf business to close

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The WaterPark CarWash in Bettendorf closed it's doors for the last time Monday evening.

The construction of the new I-74 bridge resulted in several businesses having to relocate. Since the WaterPark CarWash has two other locations, one in Davenport and Moline, they chose to not relocate their Bettendorf facility.

The Bettendorf site employs 12 people in the Quad Cities; six of those positions are full time.

Caleb Green, manager of the Bettendorf site, is one of those full time employees. He was saddened that Monday was his last day there.

"It's more personable down here," said Green, "You tend to know more about your employees personally and your relationships are a little stronger."

The big question was whether the employees in Bettendorf would lose their job. Accoding to Green, those who were employed at the Bettendorf location will be transferred to either Davenport or Moline.

"We always to want keep as many people employed as we can," said Green.

One of those who will be transferring to the Moline location is Zachary Coil.

"I'm going to miss working with all of these people all the time," said Coil.

Coil could be considered the "Swiss Army knife" of the Bettendorf car wash. He has worked at WaterPark CarWash for four years and told News 8 he does a little bit of everything.

His last day in Bettendorf was a busy one.

"Most days, especially in the winter, it will be busy," Coil said.

As he pulls the next car into the detailing garage, he wipes down the windows and polishes the tires. Something he will be doing with new employees in the upcoming days.

Customers too will have to make some changes. Employees said many of their customers make appearances often. One of those is Joe Clancy of Davenport.

"We come here once every two to three weeks to get the car cleaned," said Clancy as he waited for his car.

"We hate to see them leave, they have great customer service."

For customers like Joe Clancy, they can still get their cars cleaned at the other two locations.

The Davenport site is located at 2145 E. Kimberly Road.

Across the river, the Moline location is 3800 38th avenue.