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Multi-sport athlete competes in honor of his mother

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A multi-sport athlete at Erie-Prophetstown competes on the field and on the mat.

Senior Nick Williams is a football player and a wrestler and said he enjoys both sports, but they definitely have their differences.

Williams said he enjoys the challenge that wrestling brings because you don’t have teammates to lean on. You have to rely completely on yourself when competing on the mat.

“With wrestling it’s all out on the mat all the time,” Williams said. “You’re going 100 percent and it’s much more fun because if you lose then it’s on you and you know what you have to do to get better and if you win it just feels that much more great that it’s on your shoulders, that it’s you and the people that push you in the wrestling room.”

Williams’ coach said the athlete is just as humble as he is talented.

“He’s a great kid, you know he’s going to pass the credit to everybody else,” said Head Wrestling Coach Todd McCullough. “He deserves everything he’s received this year.”

Williams said he competes in honor of his mother, who he lost to a motorcycle wreck.

“I’m really glad that she was the role model that she was for me,” Williams said about his mom. “I’m happy that her and my dad pushed me to do the best that I could do.”

He said his mom helped him realize his full potential in sports and thinking about her is a motivator for him to continue on.