UPS leaves delivery in trash can – on trash day

delivery in trash can

A Missouri woman says she was devastated when she discovered a gift she ordered for her daughter had been left in an outdoor trash can on trash day.

Tracy Sole, of Barnhart, Missouri, says she found a notice in her mailbox indicating a the UPS delivery person left a package in her outdoor trash can.

“So, I opened the trash can and look in and all that’s left were two frozen cups,” Sole said. “My package had been picked up by the trash man.”

It wasn’t just any old package.  Sole says it was an Android tablet she planned to give to her daughter.

“I was crying all night last night,” Sole said. “I mean, I saved for months to get that for my daughter, and then for them to just throw it in the trash…”

Sole said she understands why a delivery person would not want to go down an icy driveway, but she feels a trash can is not the right place to leave a package.

Drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and away from locations where bad weather could affect them.  For an additional fee, UPS also offers a service that would require a signature at delivery.

Sole says UPS told her to contact the company from which she ordered the tablet.  That company reportedly told her they could send her a new tablet but they could not guarantee delivery by Christmas.


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