Skiers and snowboarders hitting slopes early

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Even before the winter season has started, business has already been good at Ski Snowstar. Because of the snow and cold temperatures, the park is off to its earliest start since 2000. All of the slopes were open December 7, 2013.

“There's always pent up demand early in the season so there's a lot of activity if you get open early,” said Ed Meyer, General Manager at Ski Snowstar.

“You got to go back 14, 15 years to see this. This is pretty exciting for us,” he added.

The white ground is good for business.

“The biggest advertisement for us is snow in people’s back yards,” said Meyer.

“We'll come out probably twice as much if we get an early start,” said snowboarder Paul Swanson.

For Andrew Hoogerwerf and his friends, the early start is a jump on the season,

“It gets me kind of loose before the season starts,” he said.

Ski Snowstar will continue to make snow to keep the powder on the ground fresh.