Galesburg man killed in ATV crash

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Police say a Galesburg man died when the ATV he was riding overturned and landed on him in a creek bed.

Members of the Knox County Sheriff’s Department were sent to a Rio, Illinois address at about 10 p.m. Friday, December 13, 2013 after 64-year-old John Swanson had not returned home.  Swanson had left home in a truck that was pulling an ATV.

Deputies found the truck and trailer, but no sign of Swanson or the ATV, in the 2400 block of Knox Road 165E.  The sheriff’s department snowmobile search and rescue team was activated, and several friends also continued to search for Swanson.

Friends found Swanson about a half-mile east of where the truck and trailer were found.

Investigators said Swanson was crossing a small bridge over a creek when the ATV he was riding went over the side of the bridge and overturned.  The ATV landed on top of Swanson in the creek bed below.

Swanson was pronounced dead at the scene just after midnight.