Man falls through ice on Iowa lake

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Rescue crews were searching for a man who reportedly fell through the ice on a lake west of the Quad Cities.

According to a report by WHO, on Saturday, December 15, 2013 two men were riding a four-wheeler on Lake Ponderosa heading back to shore after ice fishing when the ice, which was reportedly only two-inches thick, cracked. One man was able to get out.

Dive teams in Poweshiek County began their search around 7 p.m. on Saturday near the northeast end of the lake.

According to the report, the search was called-off after midnight on Sunday morning for safety reasons, but the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office said the search would continue later on Sunday.

“Normally it’s a really safe lake. We know where it’s not safe and where it is,” says lake resident, Dave Vaggert. “You can’t be careful enough.”

The ice reportedly gave-way about 50 feet from the shoreline.

“The ice is refreezing because it’s so cold, so we keep having to break through the ice to even see anything,” said J.R. Shearer from the Montezuma Fire and Ambulance Department.

Shearer said the ice is six inches thick in some places, but elsewhere it’s much thinner. He said the rescue crew would stay until the victim was found.