Holidays in full swing at Modern Woodmen Park

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Getting geared up for the holidays and baseball all in one, organizers with the River Bandits held a family event at the ballpark.

The 6th annual Indoor Frost Fest was held on Sunday, December 15, 2013 at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport. Families from the community were invited to come to the ballpark for a free event offering cookies, family photos, crafts, bounce houses, and to see family-favorite characters: Rascal and Santa Claus. Patrons were able to browse the Bandits’ merchandise and purchase season tickets for the following year.

General Manager Andrew Chesser said the festival is a way to bring families to the ball field, even though there’s snow on the ground. He said it’s all about catering to families.

“It doesn’t stop once the season’s over,” Chesser said. “Our goal is to have a safe and family-friendly environment to bring people out.”

The event doubles as a way to get the Bandits’ staff ready for the upcoming season.

“It’s fun to be in that mode of having fans and entertaining fans,” Chesser said.

He noted on the day of the Frost Fest that Opening Day was just 109 days away.