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Triple-sport athlete continues sports in college

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A Sherrard student is continuing her love for sports in college with a softball scholarship at Illinois State University. She isn’t just a one sport athlete though, through her high school career, she’s played three.

Senior Riley Strandgard has played sports her whole life and let her love for the game place her in three sports: softball, basketball, and volleyball.

“I’ve always loved playing sports and I’ve done it ever since I was little,” Strandgard said. “So to be able to do it in high school and to be able to continue it in college… I’m really excited for it.”

Strandgard had nothing but positive things to say about her teammates on all three teams, and in return they said she’s a real leader.

“She always brings humor no matter what,” said senior Shelby Calderone. “And she knows when to focus.”

Strandgard’s basketball coach, Doug Swanson said she’s a leader, has a good attitude, and is a person that her teammates can look up to.

“The biggest thing with Riley is that she’s such a competitor, you know she’s always going to be one to get after in games and is one that you can always count on to do the right thing,” Swanson said.

The scholarship athlete said she’s learned to appreciate the abilities she has.

“You learn to value that you’re lucky to be here and you’re lucky to do the things you can do,” she said.

To incoming freshmen, Strandgard said the hard work you put in is worth it.

“Sometimes you just want to quit and give up because it gets hard, but in the end it’s really rewarding,” she said.