Local family takes their first family photo

Shaun and Faith Walker have been married for two years. They have a little girl, but there is one thing they don’t have – a family portrait.

That’s why Help-Portrait – an international nonprofit organization – was at The Center in Davenport today. The organization collaborates with local photographers, hair-stylists, and makeup artists in the area to provide free professional pictures for those who may not have the resources to do so.

“There are a lot of people out there these days who can’t afford pictures so this is really helpful,” said Faith.

The day started for Shaun and Faith the same way it did for several families. They were greeted by the sounds of Christmas music and volunteers at the registration desk.

Next to the entrance, Santa Claus was  handing out candy canes to those of all ages.

The next stop was the hair and makeup station.

As Faith’s face gleamed with a smile as she held her daughter while her hair was being fixed, her husband Shaun sat along side her.

Faith is not familiar with having her hair and makeup done for her.

“I have never had my hair done by anybody, I usually do my hair by myself,” she continued, “I’m thankful for having this done today,” Faith said with a smile on her face.

After the glitz and glamor of the hair and makeup sections, it’s a walk up the stairs where four photographers are waiting.

Mike Fetterer is a volunteer photographer who has participated in this event since it first started in Iowa two years ago. Every year, he is reminded why he volunteers his time for this event.

“I realize as a photographer, it only takes me one hundred and twenty-fifths of a second to change someone’s life, if only for a day,” he continued, “it just makes this whole thing worthwhile for me,” said Fetterer.

Large white sheets fill the room while multiple umbrellas reflect the flash of the camera. A moment where Shaun and Faith realize this is it.

“This is pretty interesting,” said Shaun.

As the camera flashed and the family of three smiled, it was time to see the picture. They found themselves waiting in a room with several people. Just waiting to see their first family photo.

Within moments, the printer released an 8X10 family portrait. A photo that this family can cherish forever.

As they smiled and held the picture proudly, they told News 8 what the photo means to them.

“The memories this brings to me is the fact that we have made it two years and have a beautiful daughter who we believe we have done a good job raising,” said Faith.

“It will bring back the memories of spending time with my family,” Shaun said.

As their day at The Center came to a close, they walked out with two family photos and a smile on their faces.


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