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Shelters stay busy during winter season

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The cold weather is taking a toll on everyone, especially those that have to find a warm place to stay at night. Local shelters are at or near capacity leaving some still out in the cold.

You can find some of Davenport's less fortunate at the Humility of Mary shelter.

"This morning when it was still really cold and hadn't warmed up much at all it was pretty full," said assistant program director Christie Adamson.

All are just trying to find a warm place to stay.

"Our day room has been busier, because people are more reluctant to go outside and venture into the elements," said Adamson.

Humility of Mary shelter has 82 spots at night for adult men and women. Lately those spots have been full because of the cold weather.

"If we are at capacity and can't take anymore folks in, the next step that we do if they're an adult is refer them to Kings Harvest," said Adamson.

However, over at Kings Harvest Ministries, they're facing a similar situation.

"I've seen them line up through the parking lot and down the block," said Maggie Reed who works at Kings Harvest.

Reed knows first hand the struggle of being homeless.

"I didn't know what I was going to do with my life," said Reed.

Reed now helps out people who face the struggles she once had to.

"How they survive I have no idea, especially when it's cold," said Reed.

Kings Harvest has an overflow shelter for women and men. 17 bunks for women and can serve 60 to 70 men.

'There have been times when they have filled it completely," said Reed.

With more cold temperatures expected, she thinks the crowds of people will keep coming in.

"We've had too many sub zero days nights and it's scary, because we still got almost all of the winter ahead of us," said Reed.

This time of year shelters say they are in need of donations, especially adult coats, socks, hats and gloves.

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