Davenport kids report being approached by strangers

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Children gave similar descriptions of a man who allegedly approached them near a park and near a school in Davenport, Iowa.

Police said the first incident happened at about 4 p.m. Friday, December 6, 2013 near Van Buren Park.  Officers were called to investigate a suspicious man who was reportedly in a vehicle in that area.

In a second incident Thursday, December 12, a student told a teacher about being approached by a man in a vehicle in the area of Monroe Elementary School just after 7:30 a.m.  Police said the teacher saw the van-type vehicle the student described as it drove quickly away from the area of the school.

In both incidents, the suspect was described as a white man with a beard.  Witnesses at the Monroe School incident said the man may have been in his thirties.

"Please remind your children to not approach any vehicle where the occupant is not known to them.  When at all possible, walk in pairs or groups and report anything suspicious to parents or teachers immediately," said Captain Dale Sievert of the Davenport Police Department.

Sievert said his department has stepped up patrols in the area while the incidents are being investigated.


  • tawny jill

    Here’s what everyone needs to know. This is the second time this person has done this. Not to long ago a friend of mine was picking her kids up from Hayes and saw this person carrying their “grandchild” to the van kicking and screaming. She went in to inform the staff and nothing was done about it.

  • chet rickels

    This captain sounds drugged, if saying, “Please reminder your children.” Better spy on him or get a better editor.

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