14-year-old driver involved in Iowa fatality crash

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A 14-year-old driver was involved in a crash that killed one person near New Sharon, Iowa.

Iowa State Police said Kaden Shaw of Searsboro, Iowa was driving a 1996 Chevrolet K1500 truck eastbound on Highway 63 when, police say, he turned left into a residential drive about a mile east of New Sharon at about 4 p.m. Thursday, December 12, 2013.

Police said the truck pulled into the path of an oncoming, westbound 1999 Ford Escort driven by 27-year-old Kassandra Ford of Oskaloosa, and the vehicles collided.

A passenger  in Ford’s vehicle was killed in the crash.  The identity of that person was withheld pending notification of family.

Police said the wreck happened near the crest of a hill, and that may have contributed to the crash by limiting Shaw’s sight distance.

Ford was airlifted to a hospital in Des Moines.  Shaw was taken by ambulance to a different hospital.

Under Iowa’ graduated driver’s license law, drivers are  permitted to operate vehicles at the age of 14 with a valid instruction permit that requires written consent from a parent.

Police said both drivers, and the passenger who died, were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.


  • Steve

    You are required to have written consent to obtain the permit, but while operating a vehicle, the 14 year old “may only drive with parent/guardian, immediate family member older than 21, driver education teacher, driver older than 25 with written permission of parent/guardian.” This was a deadly weapon for which access was made available to a minor. Both the parent(s) and the 14 year old should be help fully accountable for this tragic loss of life.

  • Sherry Goldring

    Can’t believe that Iowa allows 14 year olds to drive. I don’t even think 16 is a reaponsible age to drive.

    • Carmen Borden

      i disagree with the 16 being to young. there are 16 yr old drivers that are more responisble than some 30 yr olds. and 14, wow, for the parents that allowed this child to even get behind the wheel alone is irresponsible. i don’t think this kid should be punished for being allowed to drive. i can’t begin to imagine how he must feel knowing his inexperience caused the death of someone. that’s got to be a very heavy burden to carry for someone his age, given he had no ill intent. and people remember you were once 14 and you’ve done things that weren’t smart, its what kids do.

  • Jeri gragg

    Until you know if the boy was suppose to be going to this specific location or not. Keep your mouth shut about who should be held accountable. It’s called a school permit in which the child can drive to and from school.

  • Karen DuBose

    First off if his site was low then how could he predict what was to come. Yall people jump to conclusions without all the facts. Close minded people. Who are you to say who needs to be held accountable for anything.

  • Ashton Hartwig

    He’s 15 by the way and he’s my friend. You shouldnt just jump to conclusions like that! its not his fault a car popped over a hill when he turned to go into the driveway

    • Nicko

      The passenger in the car was my friend. i have now lost a friend b/c of someone who shouldn’t have been on the road by themselves. if its a school permit they should be going the same route everyday not turning around in people’s driveways.

  • angel

    You can see down the hill by the Smith’s drive way I know because I used to drive that road everyday. You get to that hill there and you can see down it and over the next hill. If you have a school permit that means you to school and back home using the same route everyday and notifying someone of after school meetings or sports. Not to just drive around especially when they live north from New Sharon.

    • Tara

      First of all Angel and also Dusty, you neither one can tell me you NEVER went off your school routes. Its all easy to blame someone when it has nothing to do with you. And also Dusty, the sun doesake it hard to see. I LIVE RIGHT THERE! You guys need to quit acting all innocent because everyone knows you are not.

      Seems pretty ridiculous that everyone on here seems to know more than the investigators and state troopers.. maybe you all should look into that career since you guys know everything.. and actually Dusty, you almost hit my brother and I one night because you were paying absolutely no attention, luckily for you, we turned into our driveway just in time..lol. And might I add, there is no evidence of any brake marks from the lady.

  • Dusty

    It’s different when the kids loves north of new sharon… not east where it took place… you can see down that hill befor the dirt road… not trying to be a jerk but I drove that road and turned at the bottom of that hill for 20+ yrs an if I can see sown the hill in a small car why can’t anyone see in a 4×4 truck… cant blame the sun since its out of the east at 4pm

  • Jolene

    I wish people would stop & think before posting. Was this a tragic accident… Yes! It was for EVERY person involved. I have children this age & I would like to think they would never do something that would cause them to be judged so harsh. But that’s not reality. Reality is people make mistakes & accidents do happen. I wasn’t there & I’m not assuming I know exactly what happened. As far as the school permit issue. He was doing something for school. My hope is some of you people learn a little thing called compassion!

  • colton moore

    I find it ridiculous that some of you think all the blame should be on a 14 year old boy. Yes he did make a mistake by driving off his route but the girl driving also made the mistake of driving at to dangerous of a speed to even have a chance of slowing down! I understand that the loss of life is tragic but its definitely not all on the boy. Oh yeah and for those of you that say you can see down that hill are full of shit!

  • Tara

    I actually live at the house where the accident happened and have lived there my entire life. The kid on his school permit is also my cousin. He was pulling into our driveway due to a school related activity. I have been driving for over 6 years and it is very difficult to see over our hill. You cannot see them until almost the last minute. This accident happened around the time the sun was setting and it is almost impossible to see anything. I was there when the accident happened. The lady who was driving was driving over the speed limit when she hit my cousin and he was practically in my driveway when it happened. She swerved into his passenger side which was already in the driveway. If you do not believe this, the investigators have the highway marked where she swerved and has our driveway marked where my cousins truck was already at. If any of you knew this kind kid you would all know this was a complete accident. Nobody on here that has made a comment can tell me that they have never made a mistake that they regret. He feels awful already the way it is. He was injured, as well, but refused to get looked at until he knew the 2 ladies were being taken care of. Mistakes happen. No need to judge and no need to try and say who is at fault WHEN YOU WERE NOT THERE TO SEE ANY OF IT!

    • Amanda

      Tara, we are praying for your cousin, and all involved. I can’t imagine the guilt that he is feeling, and only at age 14. :( It was a horrible accident, and would be hard for an adult to stomach, let alone a teenager. We are also praying for the victims family. Two families will forever be changed, and they both need love and support.

  • Kathy Caviness

    It always amazes me that people give an opinion before they know the facts. This young man is a good student and a gentle soul. He was delivering FFA fruit before he went to archery practice. He had on his turn signal, he was not speeding per a witness, he had on h8s seat belt. It was a tragic accident and he who has never experienced a near accident on a blind hill apparently has not driven in Iowa. Please give both drivers of which you don’t know all the facts or the speed of the other driver consideration and keep your stupid cruel and not factual comments to yourself. There but for the grace of God go I except for maybe those of you who know all.

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