Report shows improvement in Iowa children’s well-being

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A report released showed that child well-being has improved in many areas since 2000.

The report, Iowa Kids Count 2012: Trends in the Well-Being of Iowa Children was released on Thursday, December 12, 2013. Children across Iowa showed an improvement in their health and education condition in 2012.

According to a spokesperson from Iowa Kids Count, the teen birth rate has decreased nearly 30 percent and mortality rates for infants, children, and teens decreased throughout the last decade.

Since 2000, preschool enrollment has increased 8 percent. According to the report, high school graduation rates have improved “slightly” since 2000.

“It is very encouraging that the health and educational status of Iowa children have shown improvement during the past decade,” said author of the report Michael Crawford, Child and Family Policy Center Senior Associate. “This is especially true the last few years with many families struggling financially.”

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