Genesis Health System unveils plans for Davenport’s East campus

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Genesis Health System is ready to make a major investment in Davenport. The hospital group is calling on a record-setting project to consolidate and plan for the future.

"As a surgeon, having a state of the art facility just makes everything flow more easily," said Dr. Joe Lohmuller, chief medical officer.

The nearly $140-million project is the largest ever for Genesis. It provides a new seven-story tower at Genesis East. That will include a dozen new operating rooms and space for more patients.

"It cuts down the waiting time," Dr. Lohmuller continued. "It cuts down the traffic since patients aren't rolled down a hallway through a public area."

The project aims at improving patient safety, quality and service while innovating with the best technology possible.

The work will also create hundreds of construction jobs that last through 2017.

"We've started and stopped a little bit," said Project Executive Mike Sharp. "Health care has gone through reform, and the economy has changed. But we're ready to go now."

The four-year project will eventually bring all surgeries to the East campus. The West campus will focus on long-term care.

Conceptual drawings offer a sneak peek at the project. It's one that promises to modernize Genesis East for decades to come.

Consolidation will help to eliminate duplication between the hospitals while focusing on its mission to improve patient care.

"It helps us get the efficiency that we need to have an efficient and effective delivery of health care," said Genesis President and CEO Doug Cropper. "Also, to provide the highest quality and safest care possible."

At Genesis East, years of planning are ready to be put into action.