Viral Video: Local teens teach ‘How to be a Superhero’

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***WARNING – The video below contains brief language which may be offensive to some viewers. ***

“A superhero is someone who does good things.”

That’s what Zade Abdullah said about a video he and his friend, Kyle Nutt, made as a lesson in committing random acts of kindness.

Zade and Kyle are 16-year-old high school students in Dixon, Illinois, whose hobby is usually focused on creating comedy videos to post to their YouTube channel.

“We’ve always wanted to do a more serious video, and with this idea, we knew we had to do it!” Zade said.

The idea led to their latest video, called “How to be a Superhero.”

“You don’t need to have super powers or super strength to make a difference in your community,” Zade said.

The video shows the teens, dressed as superheroes, going to several area locations to demonstrate that mantra.  Some reactions are joyous, and some are very emotional.

Their message is clear: A superhero is someone who does good things.  It’s time we all used our super powers.



  • Lee

    These 2 “superheros” that are being raised up are known for bullying. They staged the video & asked people to share it to get known/famous. On the surface, it looks like a good deed, but underneath, they had an ulterior motive. What a shame :(

  • Stephanie

    Really? They surely don’t look like any kind of bullies I have ever endured. Where is your proof that they are bullies? I don’t even know these boys, but for you to make such a claim without proof is the shameful thing.

  • Heidi mcglown

    To Lee, I have known these boys since they were little and all of my kids go to school with these boys. I have NEVER known them to b bullies or to even b thought of that way. And I also know someone in this video that they did a good deed for, and I can assure u that it was totally unexpected to her, and she was more than greatful! And in my opinion, even if they did want to get “known”, this would be a wonderful thing to be “known” for! You know what they say, “haters gonna hate”, but, You shouldn’t make your personal feelings toward them take away from the powerful and positive message that they have shared. After all, the whole reason it has become such a hit is because it has INSPIRED so many people to start doing good deeds for others, and that is what truly makes them superheroes!

  • Lee

    Stephanie – I wouldn’t just throw shade without proof. Here’s a direct quote from a fellow student’s Facebook page…
    “One day you’re the town “superheroes” and the next day you’re calling people names and making them feel terrible about themselves. It’s sad.”
    Plus, my child also told me about what was going on.

  • Lee

    Also, I’m not a hater by any means. But if you’re going to put yourself out there as “superheros” act like it off camera also!

    • Sandra (@Sandra54077779)

      Sounds like another guliable mother. NEWS FLASH! You can’t believe everything you hear hunny. I have known kyle and zade for a long time now and they are some of the nicest kids you will ever meet! And as for the “staged” go ahead an ask everyone person that was in that video and ask them if it was set up. Shame on you, how dare you say it was set up they spent time and effort on this video and got sincere reactions out of people and your hear saying this. They are out making a difference in there town unlike you. As for the bullying incident, I would love to see that quote, where ever it came from, show me some proof! People like you make me sick trying to bring down 2 kids who mean nothing but good. With superheros come super villains. And whats wrong with them asking them to share, they want the message to get around. If you have a problem with acts of kindness being spread you have some serious problems.

  • Danielle Ledbetter

    even if the boys were both bullies. people can change people can grow and if you don’t allow people room to do this not their fault and it becomes yours and if they want to get famous for being super nice to other people and let them get famous being super nice to other people. I see nothing wrong in that

  • Dylan

    No offence Lee, but you seem like the only bully on his page. Even if they were bullies (and they are not), you are the one spending the time to cut them down. If I were you, I’d take a step back from this one.

  • Heidi

    Yes, I have watched their other videos. So they make silly videos, who cares. They’re not hurting anyone in their videos, they make them to make others laugh. I never said they were perfect angels, after all, they are kids. If anything, you should be glad that these kids are spending their time making silly videos instead of out there committing crimes or doin drugs or sittin in front of the TV, or whatever many other kids are doin. If we want the kids in this world to change, what better way than to praise them for making a change and doing something good. And if you live in this area, you should recognize some of the people in the video…. Why don’t you ask them if it was staged. It wasn’t, but even if it were, why would that take away from the message that this video is sending? It doesn’t. I think Dylan said it best…. Who is the bully?

  • Cory

    Lee, before you show one more ounce of your lack of tact, put an ounce of thought into what you say. These boys have done nothing worse than what you or I may have done in our youth. Have you never sworn in your life? Have you never called another a name? Have you never whatever? I would suggest that you exit your glass house before you cast any more stones. Also, do you know what the definition of libel and slander are? Let me give you a hint….you committed libel and it sometimes gets EXPENSIVE!! So my suggestion to you, let them be kids, ignore what they do if it bothers you, and resist the urge to touch the keyboard.

  • Heather Brown

    This is amazing! The end with the man thanking god and giving thanks for what they did made me cry! very touching :) Great job guys

  • Lee

    Cory – It’s called freedom of speech.
    And the Facebook page of the girl that I quoted Is a public page. Go find it yourself. I will not post her name here. The incident happened yesterday AFTER the video was made. I’m not saying anyone is perfect & I have not claimed to be. Like I have said over & over, if any of this is legit, that’s awesome. I will repeat what I’ve said before, if you’re going to put yourself out there as “superheroes” act like it off camera also! I would like to meet the homeless man at the end of the video. The media should find him, talk to him & get him help.

    • Kat

      Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to all forms of speech. Commercial speech, “fighting words” or any other speech used to illicit a violent response, libel and slander (communicating falsehoods of a person, group, or entity) are all forms of speech that are not protected by the First Amendment.

      If there is only one person, that has a problem with these guys – who I don’t know – then it makes a reasonable person wonder what that person’s role was in the situation they are complaining about or was that person bitter for not getting their way about something. I would wonder what all of the events were leading up to the name calling or whatever they were doing. These are reasonable questions to ask.

      As far as bullying. Name calling, in and of itself, is not bullying per se. Bullying has an intimidation factor to it whereas name calling is more harsh teasing.

      • Ana

        I am not going to take a stance on whether the boys are bullies because I am far from qualified to say either way.

        BUT I have a huge problem with the claim that name calling is not necessarily bullying. “It was just a joke” or “we were only teasing” is NEVER an excuse for hurting someone. A bully does not need to be someone who is out right kicking another person for fun. THE INTENT DOES NOT NEED TO BE CRUEL FOR THE ACTION TO BE BULLYING.

        This video is about spreading kindness. Spread the excuses for cruelty elsewhere.

        (because someone is going to take that last comment wrong I am going to repeat that I am not talking about any particular person being a bully. I do not have the information needed to have a valid opinion on who is the bully here. I am just arguing against the ablism of bullying in general. BEcause bullying is a big enough problem without people giving bullies excuses to hide behind.)

  • Sue

    These boys are impressive. Nice job on the video. I just hope that they don’t burn up their 15 minutes of fame too quickly. I have 2 children @ DHS & they both (separately) brought to my attention the Face book post that Lee brought up. IF they are just doing this for the 15 minutes, then shame on them. IF their hearts are in the right place, then GOD bless them.

  • Alexis

    Kyle is my cousin, Yes, he jokes around and yes him and zade make videos with swear words in them. But, we are teenagers you cant expect them to be perfect they make mistakes, you have made mistakes, we all do! If one girl out of hundreds of students is posting that. I have to say that’s quite amazing knowing only one person is unhappy with them. I know my cousin he is not this monster Lee is making him seem if he bullied this girl which I know he didn’t I know he would of apologized and made up for it, that’s the type of person he is. Teenagers aren’t all wonderful we do things and say things we don’t mean and for people to put them down when they do something good what kind of message are you teaching your kids? does forgiveness not apply in this world anymore? I work in an old folks home and I know what a simple little thing like flowers can do to them. watching this video makes me want to be a better person and help and that is what we should all feel when we watch this. What they have done, is in the past, move on, look at the future and spread the message people who put down teenagers for making a difference is a shame You are an adult be one and stop putting your too senses in and go make a difference.

    • Lee

      I think what you (& others) don’t understand, is that this incident happened YESTERDAY! And you keep referring to your cousin, maybe it was the other kid. Who knows. Anyway, I hope that they keep attempting to make a difference & not just stop after this one.
      Merry Christmas.

  • Lee

    So if I understand correctly, as long as you do good things on camera, you can be rude &/or insensitive off camera. It’s so much clearer now.
    *drops mic & walks off.

  • Lustration

    “Maybe it was the other kid, who knows?” ??? You don’t even know these boys. You r goin by hearsay and some kids Facebook post? shame. Well, I do know them and I can tell u that one of them offered to give my little girl piano lessons, and over the summer when my mother passed away one of these boys drove to bring me boxes of kleenexes without even being asked. I have seen them do countless acts of kindness for others over the years. One of them was nominated by his peers to serve on the homecoming court. I don’t know what happened at school between those kids, but I do know that I have personally seen and know these boys well enough to know that they were genuinly trying to do good in this video and they r good kids.

    • Lee

      Lustration – Just because I personally don’t know these kids, my children do. I do know their names, but I don’t want to throw their names around. And to be honest, I think it’s great that they helped you & your family out. And they didn’t even need a video camera to do it that time. I hope that they continue to act off camera as they do on camera. Happy Holidays!

      • Jack

        I am assuming that the school your children attend also has other students? Because one child finds something a persons says offensive, it does not mean they are bullies. Why do I see no other negative comments posted here? I personally believe that the way you are going about this, (i.e Posting on a thread about this “problem”) is offensive…by your terms, that would make you a bully. If you are so concerned about how they are possibly “staging” the reactions, and you truly believe they are not, more-or-less, the superheros they portray, how about you do something more productive than continually post on this thread. If you are so concerned, and since your children attended the school, as you mentioned above, I would assume you would be afraid they may be a target for these, negative comments, that the one child you quoted found offensive. At this I would find it irresponsible as a parent to do no less then get involved and talk to them and their parents directly, and/or if the “bulling” is happening at school, talk to the administrators, because if you don’t, as bulling is a huge issue among schools now days, you would be extremely irresponsible to let it go unattended…unless of course you find posting on this site is adequate enough to settle your insecurities.

        Furthermore, their previous videos may be seen as offensive to others and yourself, and that is your opinion to have. I have the solution though…don’t watch them. As you also mentioned earlier…they also have the right to free speech, and they are acting on this right through videos in which they post on YouTube. They are not hurting anyone, their goal is to make people laugh, and to restate, and I’d like to highlight this point, they have the right to make these videos, as much as you have the right to not watch them.

        I am not sure where your thoughts are on this, nor do I wish to dig that shallowly. It comes down to this simple fact, if you aren’t solving the problem, you are part of the problem. If you truly believe these boys to be bullying anyone at school…take action and see it through because bullying is a serious plague within our school systems which can damage not only the lives of those who are brought up being bullied, but the families that have to endure the hardships their children grow up with,

  • Jessica

    Please… This video was meant to- and HAS inspired peace and love in our community. Although I understand and appreciate the need to “stick up for” Kyle and Zade, negativity only breeds more negativity.

    This video is not about whether the boys are super heroes, but rather, it is about finding the super heroes in ourselves.

  • Monzon

    There is actually a very large community of us doing exactly this.
    It’s great to see others join in, I hope these teens make this a habit.

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