Shoplifting dog caught in the act

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Cato, a Husky, spends most of his days lounging at home.  It’s what he’s doing when he gets out that has his owner worried.

WHNS reports Cato’s owner, Holly Darden, got visited by police who notified her of Cato’s life of crime.

“My dog was shoplifting,” laughed Darden.

Cato was eventually busted when surveillance cameras and employees caught him stealing from a Clinton, South Carolina Dollar General store.

“We didn’t know it happened because he just snuck in with the customers,” said store manager Anastasia Polson.

Polson said it happened twice within a few minutes. She said someone had stolen pig ears, beef bones, dog food and treats off the shelf.

Video captured by the store’s surveillance camera shows Cato slipping into the store when a customer triggers the automatic door.  Cato was in the store less than a minute the first time, and less than three minutes the second time.

When store employees followed him, they discovered Cato was burying the ill-gotten gains nearby.

Darden said police told her it was their best arrest ever.  She said she’s not sure if this is his first theft, but she knows Cato has gone into other local businesses including grocery stores and a Pizza Hut.

Darden said Cato is naughty, not hungry.

“Look at him, he’s fat,” she laughed. “Yes, I feed him! There’s food in there. There’s treats in there.”